Old and sensual women attracting younger men, this is the definition for cougar (what means puma/cat), a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common.

Madonna, Demi Moore, Susan Saradon, Cher, Uma Thurman and Mariah Carey are just few examples .



The truth is that being a cougar is a labor intensive, in addition to self-confidence and independence, a woman has to emanate sensuality and maintain good physical appearance, in other words, she have to exercise,need hair caring, nails, skin and to dress attractively.

There are even books that help improve techniques of seduction, actual instruction manuals of the behaviors that many resort.

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According to some testimonies of mature women who chose to relate to younger men, there are numerous advantages of this kind of emotional connections.

Firstly, the younger guys do not complain of life, rheumatic pains, cold or heat, as many of the older men, they have a spirit of adventure and, of course, leaves her friends full of envy.


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