The Affordable AND Luxurious Fashion Label that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Naomi Watts Can’t Get Enough of

If you’ve thought that Naomi Watts and Sarah Michelle Gellar are looking a little more gorgeous than usual, it may be because they are obsessed with these jersey dresses and cotton tops from LA’t, the relatively new line from one of my favorite labels, L’Agence.


Sarah Michelle Gellar in LA’T at the Television Critic Association’s Summer Press Tour

Designer Margaret Maldonado originally thought the collection might be a one-time partnership with the beloved Los Angeles boutique Ron Herman. She said the original line of t-shirts, jersey dresses and skirts she created for Ron Herman was so well received she decided to make it available to more stores this time around, such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and Shopbop. Sounds good to us!

I’m partial to the first look (the plaid pattern is definitely a nod to the 90’s and my Seattle grunge roots) but all of these dresses will be crowd pleasers and will create that perfect silhouette. Which one do you like best?





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