We’re Loving These Hoop Earrings From Jewelry Designer Melissa Joy Manning That Are Sustainable AND Benefit Charity!

Fashion designers are more focused than ever on sustainability and finding ways to be aware of the environment and the materials used to create your favorite looks. But they aren’t the only ones. Jewelry designers are also finding ways to bring your favorite trends to light, in the most eco-friendly way possible.

If you are paying more attention to the environmental and social impact of your purchases, you’ll want to know more about jewelry designer Melissa Joy Manning, who not only cares about sustainability but is also giving a portion of the proceeds from her new collection to charity. This sounds like a win-win situation, right?

“As a jeweler who is influenced by our environment, I felt the need to stand up and try to make a difference,” she told me. “I know that we can protect this domestic habitat through consumer education.”

She is collaborating with socially responsible ecommerce site Able Made to sell a small line of jewelry that will benefit the Bristol Bay area in Alaska through the charity, Earthworks. “I chose to support Bristol Bay through Able Made because this gorgeous natural habitat is being threatened by the jewelry industry.”

Here are a few pieces that I love from the collection.



Learn more about her design process in this cool video!

Able Made Series (Episode 5): Able Made x Melissa Joy Manning from Able Made on Vimeo.


The limited-edition pieces launch today with two pairs of hoops, which are pictured above. “I wanted to create a collection that was accessible to many people while using certified green materials,” she said. “I took a loose interpretation of a leaf design, crafted it into one of our iconic hoops, and then filled it with pink gold hearts. To me, this hoop is a symbol of my love for the environment and desire to protect it.”

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