Fashion Time Machine: Levi’s Newest Collection Will Take You Back to 1972

When the crew at Levi’s told me they were reissuing pieces from their 1972 archives, I had to see for myself. So this weekend I time traveled back to when my mom was 16 and celebrated with Levi’s the launch of Orange Tab and what the team at Levi’s are calling the hey-day of denim and music!

The collection will have five pair of jeans and an awesome jean jacket with (gasp) NO STRETCH! Levi’s Creative Director Miles Johnson gave me a fitting in few pair so I could share with you guys all the benefits of this seemingly archaic fabric.

As I shimmied into the first pair, Miles reassured me I was in the right size, which felt so tight! Remember having to lie down on the bed to get your jeans zipped? Well, according to Miles (and now me), that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The super-rigid denim holds its shape much better than anything with even the tiniest amount of stretch. Think about how the knees go saggy in your skinnies, not these. These stretch with you. Once I got them buttoned, the next step was to go home, get in the shower with my jeans on, and then lay them in the sunshine to dry. Sounds crazy right? They are now molding to my body! Here I am in my final product.


There’s something so exciting about creating my own wear and tear to get the look we now pay so much extra for! I’m definitely a believer! Check out the 606 straight slims, my favorites for most body types.

Images from the Orange Tab lookbook:




Levi’s couldn’t be more excited about this new launch. So in order to celebrate, it’s re-created 1972 and the amazing rock ‘n’ roll that defined the era. “We wanted to throw a free music festival that seemed such a part of the culture back then and doesn’t really exist now,” said Josh Katz, the marketing mastermind behind the launch. Musicians and bands like Dave Groll and Dawes covered all the classics while guests (in their best vintage Levi’s) tie-dyed, barbecued, and danced with flowers in their hair.

Party people below!






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