Taboo or Lifestyle?

“Fifty Shades of Grey” brought up a subject which for many is still a taboo. But at Amsterdam Fashion TV we are not shy. So let’s talk about it. Sadomasochism, or BDSM. A practice still very difficult to define. Is it a fetish, madness, porn or simply a lifestyle?

Sadomasochism doesn’t necessarely involve intercourse, but rather a constant power struggle between a “dominant” and a “submissive”. Everything happens with the consent of the submissive, who also takes pleasure in being enslaved. It goes beyond physical domination: the dominator takes control of the mind of the submissive in a mind game of mutual dependency.


For those who use sadomasochism only as a fetish, sexual games are restricted within four walls. But that won’t happen between a BDSM couple, who will continue to follow their own “dominant-submissive” rules outside the bedroom too.

For some it might be difficult to understand how people can get pleasure from pain and submission. But for the followers of this lifestyle everything happens naturally; with mutual love, respect and understanding.

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