Slow Fashion, care needed!

The pace of consumption of fashion items is rapidly growing. It’s the Fast Fashion trend, where the lifespam of clothing and footwear is getting smaller and the disposal of these products ever faster. However, this fast pace requires an increased use and extraction of raw materials from an environment which struggles to keep up with the ever increasing demand.

Sustainability is now a necessity. Luckily some big fashion companies like brazilian Osklen and world famous Stella McCartney have changed their concepts, deciding to join the new and opposite trend: the Slow Fashion movement.

slow fashion1

Slow fashion involves classic and timeless collections, with high quality raw materials and collectible pieces. Thus, unbridled consumption and the extraction of raw materials from the environment decrease.

Stella McCartney's slow fashion garments use high quality materials
Stella McCartney’s slow fashion garments use high quality materials
Womeswear garments by slow fashion brand Osklen
Womeswear garments by slow fashion brand Osklen

Hong Kong label Yane Mode, by designer Yan Fong, is also a Slow Fashion designer brand supporting earth awareness. To the extent that it explicitly mentioned it into it’s own “manifesto”:

slow fashion

The main issue is the high cost of Slow Fashion products, considered luxury items and made of luxury materials, not affordable for the majority of us.

The solution? Conscious consumption!

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