Erogenous Zones by Hanwen Shen

imagesChinese artist Hanwen Shen studied a BA in Jewellery and an MA in Artefact at London College of Fashion. The basis of her collection is the Erogenous Zones, focusing on the back of the body and the nape of the neck.

This collection is about the “nape pieces”. Nape is often used to describe the back area of the neck. “I realised that this is not the traditional way to expose the erogenous zone, however it works! The tribal feel of the jewelry through the pointy ends (horns), or the coil like curves creating metal snakes create an animalistic mood. This only enhances the point of the erogenous zone” the designer said.

Photography: Zhiyong Jiao
Hairstyle: Kevin Mo
Make up: Shiny Shen


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