“Tell me what you like… and I’ll tell you who you are”


“Diz-me do que gostas… dir-te-ei quem és”

Today the AmsterdamFashionTv is invited in a Portuguese Fashion World. We visit the MUDE (Design and Fashion Museum) and discover the exhibition, “Tell me what you like… and I’ll tell you who you are”, portrays the current Portuguese fashion panorama, showing the different perspectives of 22 designers based in Portugal, who accepted the invitation and who came up with three examples of their creations. Them names are: Aleksandar Protic, Alexandra Moura, Anabela Baldaque, Ana Salazar, Dino Alves, Fátima Lopes, Filipe Faísca, José António Tenente, Katty Xiomara, Lidija Kolovrat, Lara Torres, Luís Buchinho, Maria Gambina, Marques’Almeida, Miguel Vieira, Os Burgueses, Ricardo Andrez, Ricardo Dourado, Ricardo Preto, Storytailors, V!tor e White Tent.


What we read in Mude press release: Tell me what you like…. and I’ll tell you who you are is based on the Proust questionnaire. We gave this challenge to current fashion designers who regularly present their collections each season, together with other questions on their influences and references. We wanted to put together a psychological ID card of each designer, revealing a little more about their personality and state of mind, aware that each answer only offers a snapshot of the present moment… Of their preferences, identifications, frustrations, tastes, aspirations and values. Of the way in which they see themselves, of their relationship with others and with the world around them. Information which ends up allowing us to indirectly understand the work of each designer. Some of the answers include books, songs, films and personal objects present or evoked throughout the exhibition. With this documental material are some of the main outfits of each creator, chosen by themselves: their graduate proposal, when possible, an item of reference and a proposal from the 2012 collections. Around 60 outfits, from the 80’s to nowadays.Tell me what you like…. and I’ll tell you who you are therefore seeks to portray the current panorama of fashion in Portugal, recognising the different generations and trajectories, the various languages, styles and attitudes. Twenty two designers are present, from the pioneer Ana Salazar who created her very own style that became famous under her own name brand, to new creators like White Tent or Os Burgueses, including stalwarts like José António Tenente, Filipe Faísca and Luís Buchinho, among many more… We are grateful to them all. Without their openness and participation, this exhibition would not have been possible. They are the object, subject matter and ultimate goal of Tell me what you like…. and I’ll tell you who you are.

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