Chanel show SS 2014 Ready-to-Wear

Karl Lagerfeld, his sketches, his ideas, even where he walks; everything that comes out of the house of Chanel starts with him. “The inspiration was actually the floor in Karl’s new studio, which is a metallic parquet,” from Peter Philips’s words, when he tells about the beauty look for the Spring show.


Lagerfeld and his studio helped to transform The Grand Palais into a gigantic hangar of paintings and sculptures, all seventy-five of them made by  during his Summer of Prodigious Creativity. This Chanel collection was a fest of art processes. Peter Philips’ makeup looked like an artist had wiped his brushes on eyelids instead of on clothes or canvas. Macabre maybe, but one more Chanel pointer to the transformative art of fashion.

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