Lisbon Fashion Week: DAY 1 New Talents

Lisbon Fashion Week has started with a young talent competition – “Sangue Novo” (new blood)! SANGUE NOVO is a presentation of ideas and works of a collective of young national designers, finalists from fashion courses in Portuguese and foreign schools.

Take a look at our selection…


Sofia Macedo has a degree in Fashion Design at Modatex, Oporto, in 2011.

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Seawater plans its way and runs it, leaving behind a trail of textures and shapes, each looking different but with a beauty of its own that calls for creativity and imagination of the beholder. Transparent materials allusive to water transparency, as well as its lightness, are associated as the dominant feature of the collection, which convey charm, daring and sensuality.


Catarina Oliveira gradueted in Fashion Design at the School of Art and Design (ESAD, Matosinhos) in 2013.


Anamorphosis arises from the complexity of the shape, and the changes that it undergoes when creating a new form. This concept is intimately connected with the creative process of the artifact of fashion design, to the extent that it exploits the release and distortion of the shape, leading to an oversize silhouette.


HIBU is a mixture of a sophisticated, dark and sporty style infused into a streetwear brand formed by the creative trio composed by Gonçalo Páscoa, Marta Gonçalves and Nuno Sousa.


Inspired on the neo-expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat as well on the decadence and explosion of the New York underground scene of the early 80’s, this collection combines the ecru colors of the canvas with the colors of the city streets used by Basquiat on his work, along with primitive shapes expressed by geometrical shapes represented on the accessories.


Filipa Gomes has a degree in Fashion Design from the University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, and is a finalist for the Masters in Branding and Fashion Design in a partnership between the University of Beira Interior and IADE in Lisbon.


This collection was inspired in abstract colors and fauna existing in the mountains and the variety of landforms found there, leading to a most current fashion. To have a direct link with this theme, the prints and materials used were designed in accordance with the traditions, blending them with modern materials.


Claudia Mendes has a bachelor in fashion design (Universidade da Beira Interior).


The idea for “Careca Cabeluda” was born by the connection of two different people. Not only human made of stellar matter but of what occupies them, two different personalities, tastes, lives and experiences that life brought together. So on one hand this collection is about illustration and on the other hand streetwear, that combined should result not only in clothing but also in a lifestyle.

Photography: Rui Vasco / Modalisboa

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