We are all crazy for scarves!

Scarves are accessories that are part of any collection, be they warmer for the cold days or lighter for summer. Worn around neck or head, they can be used at any time of the day as well as to a glamorous party. They can change a look completely, and there is many different types of knots and lashings.

“Scarf Me” is a Brazilian brand of scarves launched by brothers Rodrigo and Daniel Rosset. The brand came from the idea of ​​showing a more feminine side of women who transit through the business world, presenting classical elements associated with the pop universe.

Scarf Me 2 (The Store)
Scarf Me, the store

The pieces have unique prints on silk, viscose, bamboo fibers and cotton. The brand invests in accessories for every type of occasion, always betting on unique and sophisticated pieces.

Scarf Me 1
Scarf Me
Scarf Me 16
Scarf Me

Scarf Me 3 Scarf Me 8

Scarf Me 6  Scarf Me 9

Below some of Amsterdam Fashion TV’s favourite tutorials on how to turn a simple scarf into an accessory full of identity and personalized! Share these tips with your friends!




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