How much do you adore Dior?

What if your skin becomes the jewellery?

That is what Dior makeup proposes us this holiday season. The designs remains retro with the polish bottles and lipsticks featuring a lavish gold packaging that are here to stay.

With a new blush line and colourful vampy shades for your lips and nails, you are to become the jewel of all attention with this year’s Diorific compact. An illuminating powder with gold particles promises to catch just the right amount of sheen that be used on your cheekbones, forehead, cupid’s bow and chin. But the fun doesn’t stop here, bring that magical sheen to your shoulders, arms, chest and color bones truly making your skin became the most precious jewel of the evening.


The compact has two shades, Rose D’Or and Perles D’Or, a pinky shimmering shade and a golden one, guarantying that it can reach both fair and darker skin tones. To make it even more enticing, the powder is scented with the J’Adore fragrance which albeit having it’s flair might be limiting in terms of what scent to wear.

The finish of this powder is not overly glittery or metallic, it’s natural and wearable for both day and night, not making you look gaudy or like a disco ball.

This is a luxury makeup item, yes they are several illuminators in the market, be it powder, liquid, cream, but this is Dior in vintage inspired packaging with added fragrance.


So if you still have space on your Christmas stocking, drop by Dior and let yourself be lost in Diorific.


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