Isabel Marant for H & M huge success also in Milan

After the huge succes of Amsterdam Also Milan see great crowd for the presentation of the Isabel Marant collection at H&M. We arrive, at 6:30 we already found Valentina and Emanuela they were there from 4.15 am ! They are waiting to enter as first to get the piece of collection ” parisienne ” by H & M. ” The oversized gray coat and silk mini skirt with flounces are our goals.” Behind them , other five spanish grilsa already living in Milan for some years for business , digital pr , is in line for the boots with fringes . ” I woke up early just for that .” Away from Legnano also accompanied by a thirteen year old mom and aunt, who wants at all costs leggings with sequins. The audience waiting is very quiet and orderly, all experienced and well documented on the collection, each has already identified what he wants and then also the purchase becomes relatively easy. The mix of people especially women, is preparing methodically getting on average 2-3 hours before opening. Among these, also a Greek girl who studies at the Istituto Marangoni fashion and says, “There are seven pieces that I like, I would like them all , but on top of my wish list there are leather pants ! “Paola , 30 years from Vigevano , full time mom , tells “Today I left all at home, I took a day off for this occasion. I could not lose it! “ 

H 7:45 begins the distribution Bracelets : The first 20 red, entrance from 8:55 and 10 minutes of time for purchases. Inside is raging fever , although there are enough heads for all the frenzy takes over and each is launched on what they want and soon the shopping bags are filled . 

But what about us ? Like all we had a wish list : mini skirt silk ruffles and mesh and stretch lace minidress . Objective achieved for both .

At 9:30 am, the shopping experience ends and the first enthusiastic fans come out with their signature case . “From the Director ” tell us that the same happens in other cities, with a service of bouncers. And before nine bracelets were already distributed 100 . H & M has once again hit the target .

In Italy, the collection will be present in 12 stores open to the public from 09.00 . The collection consists of dresses for women, children ( teenagers ) and for men .


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