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AMSTERDAM FASHION TV was there and discovered an eclectic creative team: Krv Kurva.

Krv Kurva is a Portuguese studio, created in 2002, by Jorge Moita. Intrinsically linked with the both the fashion and design industry, promoting design and beauty, created by the world renewed women jail studio of Tires founded by Moita.

What we watched is the documentary “DESIGN ATRÁS DAS GRADES/ Design behind bars” by Margarida Leitão (Portugal, Spain 2011).


PLOT: The documentary “Design behind bars”, shooting in Tires Prison (Portugal), describes the collaboration between the women in Portuguese prison and the designers in the outside world producing the La.Ga bag. Just like La.Ga, women also come out of prisons with a stamp. “ “In Venezuela we meet Yanetzi, an ex-inmate from Tires, now working 9 to 5 in an office. At night that she creates the bags that her son will sell in the streets of Caracas the following day. Design Behind Bars is an intimate portrait of the women’s feelings towards life inside and outside the confines and how working with design changed them” [Press release].

During the event we discovered a very fashion and social responsible bag: “La.Ga” made to be dressed.


Krv Kurva said: “She is – the bag – dynamic, processing gradual changes in its shape and texture through time, enduring your lifestyle and becoming something unknown. Past designers have included artists and graphic designers from Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil and the U.S. The bag conciliates two innovative design ideas: the manufacturing and the personal and unique graphic design layout of the collections, that are produced in limited editions (of 199 pieces) with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by each layout creator.


Name: La.Ga.

Nationality: Portuguese.

Weighs: 40g and loads up to 55Kg.

The material: tyvek L-1082D, with 105g/m2, Graphics Quality, manufactured by Dupont.

Particular Signs: 100% Tyvek Graphics Quality, and is water, radioactivity and biochemical resistant. HPDE 2 Recyclable. Machine wash at 30ºC. The bag is a semi-rigid volume, which becomes more malleable through use. The outline of this volume is a curved shape that inscribes itself in a rectangle measuring 65cm in height by 48 in width.


THE HISTORY: The the first product designed together by Daniela Pais and Jorge Moita under the name Krv Kurva, La.Ga bag was taken to industrial production after a commission made by the former coordinator of the department of Design at FABRICA (The Benetton Group communications research center) in Italy, Gala Fernandez.

After the production of the first 200 pieces, the interest for the product led to the fabrication of further pieces that can now be found on sale in England, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The Krv Kurva La.Ga piece was awarded with the National Prize for Design – Sena da Silva Trophy, of the Centro Português de Design, in the category of Product Design, in 2002. It was also prized in the Jovens Criadores national exhibition, in the Product Design category, representing Portugal in the 11th Bienniale of Young Creators of Europe and Mediterranean, in Athens, July 2003. It was also selected in the Jyda-Dyson Awards 2003, Japan, and Braun Prize 2003, Germany [Source: Press release].


SOCIAL RESPONSIBLE CONCEPT: Each La.Ga bag is hand made by the inmates of a female prison in Tires, outside Lisbon, Portugal. The collaboration provides the women, many of whom are poor and uneducated, an opportunity to learn skills and earn a living when they leave prison. In 2005, the Portuguese Minister of International Affairs invited Krv Kurva to participate in the Expo 2005 Aichi. The invitation came in the form of a briefing asking for a “step forward in the project’s sustainability”.


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