Maxim’s La Nuit

Last November 26th was presented the Pierre Cardin’s last haute couture collection. The Master 91-year-old, in great shape sitting front row with the director of the house. It’s been an authentic and exclusive salon show, in the palace of the renowned Chez maxim at 5 Rue Royal .

Just 150 very selected people from the international Press! and of Course we were there to keep you informed about the most glamourous event. A special thank to our special friend Cristina Egger.

The Master Pierre Cardin and Cristina Egger


The dresses were all in precious materials, the distinguished Cardin’s Style with his well known rouche and his draperies.

Pierre Cardin of Italian origin, lived in France ever since, he was among the first to trust and invest in the connection between Food and Beverage and Haute Couture by acquiring the legendary Chez Maxim already in 1981.

From Chez Maxim started several different projects including the stylish furniture produced and designed by his architect nephew Rodrigo Basilicati.

At the end of the parade was served Champagne Maxim and an exclusive dinner show at the restaurant!

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