41º EMMY INTERNATIONAL: Brazil wins again with Fernanda Montenegro

November 25th. in NY the award of the 41º International Emmy, the award is considered the “Oscars” of the global television.

For the first time in history a brazilian won the award for best international actress.

Fernanda Montenegro 41º Emmy 1

84 years old brazilian actress “Fernanda Montenegro” is considered amoung the biggest star of TV, theater and cinema of Brazil, she won the award thanks to the interpretation of her character “Dona Picucha,” within the TV show called “Doce Mãe” (Sweet Mother).

The actress competed the award with Chinese Li Sun, with the British Sheridan Smith and with the swedish Lotta Tejle.

Fernanda has been taken as an example through the actors scene and other than being a great professional she is also a devoted mother and grandmother.

If you are curious about the talent of Fernanda Montenegro can check out her work in the film “Central Station” winner of the Golden Globe in 1998.

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