The MAC Masterclass Collection

If there’s one thing MAC cosmetics has in abundance it’s brushes, all shapes, fibers and textures, some specific and some multipurpose it’s like playing a card collecting game, you just have to have them all! We know we can’t live without MAC’s 168, 217 and 187 for our daily routine but do we need these new ones?
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photo 4We were flabbergasted, at first glance this array of brushes looks like a toothbrush, a very small comb or all of the above. Traditional makeup application involves a lot of patting, blending and repeated friction against your skin and while those dreaded sponge applicators are on their way out (finally, see why we need the MAC 217) we are left wondering how to hold and how to apply these.
Ergonomics aside these brushes promise versatility and ease in makeup application with a gliding of the brush across your face with the promise of a flawless finish. Our opinion? Well, we’re not sure, to be honest it’s one of those things you’ll love or you’ll hate and we’re seriously considering the addition of the Oval 3 brush to apply our concealer (should we be honest and say it plural?) because one cannot have too many concealer brushes, we use this theory also with blushers and stand by it.
Love ’em or hate ’em MAC at least goes bold when creating new artistry tools, as for us? We’ll stay curious for now.

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