Born in Recife on October 6, 1963 Romero Britto today no longer belongs to Brazil, he belongs to the world and today is part of cultural history. Currently is the most famous brazilian painter worldwide and one of the greatest prides of the Brazilian people.

Britto became known for his lively and colorful style with inspirations “Pop” blending the classic with the contemporary, his inspiration has always been the painter Pablo Picasso.

Today his work can be seen in advertising campaigns for important brands as swedish vodka Absolut, Xbox, Audi, Microsoft and soda cans for Pepsi Cola. He also redesigned Walt Disney characters.

The master of cubism does not stop and his work can also be admired in museums and airports around the world. Washington DC, New York and Miami are just some of the airports where Britto’s paintings are Exhibited.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Madonna, and ex President Bill Clinton are among the celebrities who surrendered the paintings of Romero Britto.

Impossible not to be in love with the vibrant colors and the joy of the creations of master of modern pop culture!

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