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Amsterdam fashion TV asked me to keep my readers up to date about what I’m doing on a daily basis. Who am I to say no to that?

I’m basically like everyone else. I go to work. I have fun with my friends. I get invited to events and places I never thought of going.  I get drunk, I cry, I scream and I love.

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So here it is, my week for AFTV.

I was invited to go see live at the Heineken Music Hall. I went to support my friend, my sister and my mentor Eva Simons who was there to sing their worldwide smash hit ‘This Is Love’. I took my friend Jennifer with me and to say we had a blast would be a huge understatement. is one cool dude. He was nice to everyone and I was once again extremely proud of Eva. Every time I see her shine on stage I get a bit emotional. She’s been working like a gladiator all these years and now it’s clear to see that hard work really pays of.

I decided to sleep in. I was so restless after last night. I had way too much energy and I was all hyped up. I guess the booze I drank with Jennifer didn’t help either. I don’t know how we were able to stand straight. We drank a bottle Prosecco, a bottle rose, Jagermeister and liquor 43. After that much alcohol and a broken heater I made the choice to just stay in bed all day long and work on my article for Cosmogirl.

Still a broken heater. And let me tell you, if you’re house doesn’t get heated for a week than the whole place feels like a refrigerator. What makes things even worse is that I am sleeping on the floor at the moment. My pussycat broke her leg and the doctor told me that I can’t let her jump. The only thing she jumps on and off from is my bed. So I decided for the love of my furry friend to sleep on the COLD floor for five weeks. One cold floor, a shitty matrass and one broken back. I felt like crap at work.

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Working out. I never saw the point of doing it. Dragging my ass to the gym feels like a burden, every single time. But after I’m finished I feel so good and I want to take on the world. And so I did…. After my work out session I had a meeting with AFTV at the office of Luxury 4 Life PR. In a short period of time the man of the hour, Manuel from AFTV, told me so much information that made my head explode with excitement. A new era is dawning upon me and it’s time to break out of my comfort zone. We will keep you updated on that when the time comes. All I can say is… watch this space!

Slept not at all. My cats thought it would be funny to keep me up all night. Walking and purring around my head. They tried to ran away with my blankets and when that didn’t work they decided to play with a ball, next to my freaking head. Thank the lord that we have some good coffee at work. In case you’re wondering what kind of work I do except writing, singing and being fabulous. I am the receptionist and I do the communication for hair styling salon Tommy’z Toko. The best in town. I have no interest to be a hairdresser or any aspirations in this field of work, but my colleagues feel like family now. They inspire me cause they go after what they want and they work really hard. Working here started as a buffer cause like every boy living in Amsterdam I need to pay my rent and I need to eat. So I better work bitch.

It really doesn’t matter what happened today or what I did. This day will forever be known as the day that queen Beyoncé surprised the whole world and dropped an album with 17 videos and 14 new songs. The woman is a goddess and she is flawless.


I’ll be back next week, for now… enjoy your weekend people!

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