“Digital Artefacts” by Bart Hess

Digital Artefacts was presented during the Architecture Triennale in Lisbon as part of the exhibition Future Perfect curated by Liam Young. The exhibition is a stage set for a collection of fictions, emerging infrastructures and design experiments that can be inhabited as large-scale districts of the future city.


Hess used the human body as a site for adaption, augmentation and experimentation. Celebrating the corruption of body data by moulding it within a costumery, all imperfections become beautiful.


“Our bodies are end­lessly photographed, monitored and laser scanned with millimetre precision. From this context of surveillance, facial recognition, avatars and virtual ghosts, we imagine a near future where digital static, distortions and glitches become a new form of ornament. For the youth tribes of future perfect the body is a site for adaption, augmentation and experimentation. They celebrate the corrup­tion of the body data by moulding within their costumery all the imperfections of a decaying scan file. Shimmering in the exhibition landscape is a network of geometric reflec­tive pools of molten wax. Their mirrored surface is broken by a body, suspended from a robotic harness, plunging into the liquid. A crust of wax crystallises around its curves and folds, growing architectural forms, layer by layer, like a 3D printer drawing directly onto the skin. Slowly the body emerges, encased in a dripping wet readymade prosthetic. It is a physical glitch, a manifestation of corrupt data in motion, a digital artefact. They hang from hooks like a collection of strange beasts and frozen avatars. body prints, imperfect and distorted and always utterly unique.” – Bart Hess
Dutch artist Bart Hess (1984) combines material studies, animation and photography. With his designs he is able to use new and existing materials in a very innovative and unexpected way. His list of international collaborations and clients include prestigious names such as Lady Gaga, Lucy McRae, Palais de Tokyo and Nick Knight.
More info: barthess.nl

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