Pitti W 13 | 7-10 January 2014

The incubator of specific projects for women’s fashion

The Pitti Immagine fair-event devoted to special projects in contemporary women’s fashion at Pitti Uomo.

Each edition Pitti Immagine gives the pages of his Diary Fashion a special guest editor . On the occasion of Pitti W 13 , we chose Lucia Del Pasqua , heart and creative mind of the blog The Fashion Politan , editor and author who boasts, among its numerous collaborations with various magazines and online tv .

Eclectic, curious and tireless Blogtrotter , Lucia lives fashion as a continuous exchange of emotions of matter , physical, aesthetic … in a word concrete ! Let’s see what we anticipated about his personal Pitti W Fashion Diary .
How do you make your Fashion Diary ? What do you expect to find in terms of trend among the proposals woman?
I have some ideas , but none is definitive . Let’s say that the lighting final appearance after Pandoro , Panettone and Befanas , to say : “Yes, we light .”
As for the trend , now there is so much grunge , so much ” hipsteria ” so sloppy researched , many series look ” are straight out of a rock concert .” I would not mind seeing a little ‘ more than good manners , precision, femininity , although I think that the trend will last for a bit shabby ‘ .

What style means to you?
If one day I ever meet “Style is a way of being ,” please beat me ! It ‘ really an answer that everyone, even my cat , we could give. Style is a potpourri of ingredients : it is culture , sense of observation , humor, passion and curiosity. All we do is put on what we see and hear in the form of colors and shapes. Everyone has favorite tones and lines . I think this is precisely the style, something very personal that arises, for the most part, by external inputs.

What you would never find at Pitti ? And in the female wardrobe, what should never be ? And what absolutely ?
I would not even find studs, rhinestones and metal applications . And yet jerseys , bags or sweatshirts with slogans that mimic well-known brands . But even sneakers ” too static ” colors and bolts. I would like to see more precise lines , sober colors , but not in a vintage washes, but in the shapes .

Your latest passion fashion? It is an accessory that you would like to have?
Lately I’m obsessed with pieces that have nothing to do with each other : and colored leggings with prints, midi skirts and dresses fifties. I would like to have a nice purse. I do not know why, but the bags are always those things that ” I leave to last ” and that in the end I do not buy .

For  more information: www.pittimmagine.com

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