ONE dress, FIFTY ways to wear it

ONE dress, FIFTY ways to wear it: Could this versatile frock be the answer to ANY wardrobe crisis?

With Christmas and New Year’s coming up we all could use the perfect dress. The perfect dress is never easy – or cheap – to find.

American Designer Nadia Tarr has created a versatile party dress that can be worn up to fifty different ways! And will suit for any occasion. She named the dress Butter by Nadia and will be your one-stop solution for any “i don’t have anything to wear” crisis.


The dress, which can be bought in different lengths and colours, can be transformed very easy by adjusting the material straps.

The wraparound straps can be tied in very different ways for example around your waist, neck or shoulders.

The dress retails for 299 pounds which is around 350 euro’s. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, it is also possible to rent from the designer,, for 59 pounds, 70 euro’s, for 2 nights or 69 pounds, 80 euro’s, for seven nights.

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