It’s been some time that professionals in the area of fashion has unfolded to attract new customers.

According to surveys, with the advancement of technology in the retail fashion market has suffered declining sales, especially in special days like Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Today’s female consumers do not want among their gifts clothing or other items related to fashion, with the technological innovations they prefer to earn cell phones more moderns, computers, iPads, and all the latest in the tech world.

Another important point is also the Internet shopping (e-commerce) that although it helps fashion companies for not having such high taxes, prevents the way of customers to the store hindering the possibility of a more personalized service and the contact of the consumer with the product.

That does not mean that contemporary women are not crazy about fashion, they are still wanting new dresses and accessories fuller details made by the trendiest designers, but with independence and with more women in the labor market, the new female consumer prefers herself to invest in her personal items such as clothes and accessories and let the technology products that are sometimes more expensive ones for boyfriends and husbands buy as a lovely gift Christmas.


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