This event is created by Cris Egger that for years already is promoting young talents from Northern Europe.

Many great designers

Cris Egger
Cris Egger

To promote her activity it is been selected one of the most important platform, the hall outside the “Pitti Uomo” next  January 2014. Two are the events proposed, one of which BE2BE on January 7th, where new talents will have the opportunity to meet industry players.

The other event will be in a more intimate, small rooms in the Hotel Astoria from the former palace Gaddi of Florence. The audience will be pampered with special teas from all over the world and home made biscuits expressly made for the venue.

It will be possible to see part of the collections and learn about the designers talking to them in person. On January 8th. at 18.00 there will be the Fashion Party , at the Giordano’s hall, from the beautiful  year 1500.

With musical performance of the famous School of Fiesole. All the setting for the party will be vintage style from 50s and 60s. Dinner will be served in the ancient stunning dinning room from year 1500 for all the guests.

Let’s say…. an ode to fashion and a good start to the new year, 2014.

We will be there as well… to let you know all the details of the venue… We could never miss such a beautiful event especially if the host is the beautiful and charming lady Cris Egger


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