Eduardo Liem was born and raised in Holland, he always liked the dutch lifestyle, but he felt the need to expand his knowledge. He is always been in love with different cultures, histories and architectures, since young started traveling, especially to Asia and the Middle East.

In an interview for Amsterdam Fashion TV Eduardo Liem told us that the need for bespoke jewelery, made ​​with raw material of high quality, especially in the Asian market was one of his conductors to the fashion market.

The Baroque period in the history has always intrigued Liem, making a harmonious combination with his philosophy.

Liem also told us that the concept of his brand “Baroqco” is focused on uniqueness, originality and creativity in the design of his pieces that are always uniques and timeless, with limited production and handmade pieces.

His clientele is today in Asia and the Middle East but in 2014 will start a Pretaporter line targeting the European market.

Eduardo Liem is undoubtedly a great talent and his pieces are true works of art, for those women who like exclusivity is worth having at least one piece of Eduardo Liem in their jewelry boxes!

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