Giorgio Armani Maestro Compact Foundation

Back in 2008 Giorgio Armani launched their first compact foundation in cream formula named Designer Modelling Compact with jojoba oil in its formulation for a semi-dewy finish. The compact was made out of glass and very heavy so while it was a compact formula it wasn’t designed to be transported, it was very pretty in our nightstands though. However the product was slightly above average with the true finish of the foundation or its best finish only surfacing after a few hours of wear when the product mixed itself with the skin’s natural oils, a few years later it ended up being discontinued with some of the brand’s other foundations with only the Luminous Silk, Armani’s crown foundation jewel remaining.
Flash forward to 2012 with Armani’s launch of their Mastro line that included thin, almost watery, consistence foundation and concealer with above average opacity for its formula and a natural polished airbrushed finish. We love the Maestro foundation, it’s easy of application and quick results make it an impressive product albeit some irritation in the most sensitive of skins and thought the concealer was fine for the formula.
Adding up to the Maestro line this Fall has presented the Maestro Compact Foundation with a more convenient portable compact and the Maestro quality of pigment and ease of application and we’re curious on how this product applies to the skin, Laura Mercier also created a compact formula of their award winning tinted moisturized and one of our most cherished products. With a vast range of colours and only a warning that you might want to go a shade lighter because this formula is slightly darker than its fluid formula you recommend this foundation and while the initial investment is slightly higher than their other products they have added refills that become cheaper as you repurchase because you don’t need to repurchase the compact and the foundation refill is cheaper than the other Armani products.
The compact comes with an oval brush, reminiscent of the Compact Modelling that always sported its brush but we genuinely think you’ll get more of this product applying it with a sponge or even your fingers.

If you’re a fan of Armani face products and the original Maestro foundation you’ll most likely like this product for it’s convenience and polished finish, however if your skin wasn’t keen on those volatile oils of the fluid formula then you should most likely try it at a counter a couple of times to see how it reacts.

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