Dressing Like Your Significant Other: Do or Don’t?

Ever notice—whether you’re in a relationship or have seen this with your coupled-up friends—how people who spend a whole lot of time together start to look a whole lot alike? Maybe it’s their mannerisms or how they talk—sometimes, couples even start borrowing clothes from each other’s wardrobes. Or, at least, they look like they do.

“People are chameleons,” Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn told Life & Style. “They get together and one begins to assimilate the traits and customs and sometimes the physical attributes of the other. It happens!”

Check out Jennifer Aniston’s and boyfriend Justin Theroux’s matchy-matchy style. Back in the day, with Brad, I remember Jen rocking Balenciaga 24/7. Looks like she’s singing a different tune now?


Tell us, what do you think about couples who dress all twinsies. Are you pro or con? Vote!


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