Prince Berhnard Cultuurfonds

The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds was founded by Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands in London in 1940 during World War II in order to buy war material for the British and Dutch Governments. It continued after the war as Stichting Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds aiming to rebuild cultural life in the Netherlands.

Prince Bernhard
Prince Bernhard

Prince Bernhard Culture August 10, 1940 was founded in London to raise funds for the purchase of aircraft Spitfire money. The initial capital (about fifty thousand guilders) was raised to about 750 Shell employees from Curaçao, which is a percentage of their salary each month surrendered because they wanted to do anything for their country in war. Prince Bernhard was regent.

After the war, the fund had a different goal: “the promotion of mental resilience through self-motivation culture.” In the eighties of the twentieth century, there is added storage. Prince Bernhard continued regent until her death in 2004.

Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation promotes culture and nature in the Netherlands – large and small scale. Special initiatives, enthusiasm and talent, we encourage financial contributions, commissions, prizes and scholarships. Through fundraising income and income from lotteries, they are able to support more than 3,500 projects and individuals each year. That makes us a national fund and twelve provincial departments, one of the largest private cultural funds in the Netherlands.

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