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Created in 2000, The Italian Chamber of buyers is a non-profit organization that brings together the owners of Italian multi-brand stores of luxury. The aim of the CIBM is to promote any useful initiative supporting the progress of the sector in the social, economic, technical, cultural  and safeguard their interests against those directly and indirectly, in any location.

To become an associate a strict selection process is required, in order to certify the importance and prestige of selected shops.
The strengths and common interests of all associates are:

the prestige

     the image

     the history

     a strong economic base

     a large choice of brands, starting from the most prestigious brands on the fashion market.

Thanks to all these qualities, our associates give the most authentic and exclusive image of the Italian fashion distribution.

The Shops

The sales corners The Best Shops are located in about 80 most important cities of Italy, and also in the most famous touristic locations in the country.

Our shops offer the most prestigious brands and are a reference of new trends on the fashion market. They stand out by their excellent service of mediation between signals from the market and the customers.


The Camera Buyer Moda promotes and supports the stores associated through different activities:

– Negotiation  with  institutions or suppliers in order to satisfy the associates
– Commercial agreement with suppliers
– Buying support by agreements and collaborations with special services and fairs organizations
– Sponsoring and marketing activity of the brand The Best Shops through events, collaboration with media partners, advertising and press.
– News given through our digital magazine “Around” and “Osservatorio Moda”, our trendsetter
– Commercial Partnership and co-marketing with luxury brands

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