Emiliano Rinaldi • FW 2014/15 men’s collection

EMiLiANO RiNALDi presented his last collection “Grand Chalet” at Pitti Uomo 85. Blue blazers, cool gray wool suit, houndstooth coats and waxed cotton sleepwear set in the tones of sapphire and ruby red are the soul of the collection.

Emiliano Rinaldi presents himself as “a rebel, a free spirit and an anticonformist. But I’m also an engineer, so my mentality is practical and real. All that is my design, my form of expression. I didn’t study how to make a pattern or how to sew a jacket and I’m happy about it. I’m fascinated by stories, passions emotions and that’s my school of design and of life.
I draw my inspiration from my life, my privacy, my friends and not from art forms that don’t belong to me and that are not part of my life.
My style is real and what is surreal, extravagant or out of the schemes is perceptible only from natures like mine.
Luckily my style is not for everybody, not because I design articles so innovative and eccentric, but because it’s really personal and instinctive.”


More info: www.emilianorinaldi.it

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