Cris Egger’s Fashion Frame & Sounds – Undisputed Queen of Elegance

Undisputed queen of external events at Pitti, Cristina Egger hosted the most elegant and classy party in the Astoria Hotel in Florence where a selection of emerging talents is been showed with great elegance.

In the stunning location “Salone del Giordano” at Hotel Astoria in Florence, Cristina Egger received her guests with a great selection of Finger food and Wines by Stefano Tinaglia

Special guest of the occasion RV Magazine that showed The Glossy Elegant magazine to all the guest with a nice display at the entrance.


Chris Egger Queen of Elegance has done great things to give to their selected guests from all over the world , an indelible reminder of the beauty of an evening made ​​in Florence , unique and special , spent all ‘ teaches the beautiful and well-made , between the notes of the famous school of Fiesole at Palazzo Gaddi.

In the beautiful surroundings of the magnificent Jordan Hall of the sixteenth century , at the elegant Hotel Astoria, ex- Gaddi Palace , in the heart of the historical center of Florence, the enchanting creations of extraordinary talents in contemporary fashion , have revived the glories of the legendary Sala Bianca in Florence a time , a mythical city where high fashion and the Made in Italy were born , marking forever the fate of fashion.

A destiny that goes on with the same passion and dedication of the past thanks to the worthy heirs of so much tradition who have proven themselves perfectly capable of making dream thanks to the power of colors you choose , the vibrancy of their design , originality of materials, sartorial perfection and love for a craft that combines experimentation ushering in new ways and new ways to express themselves.

We had admired the jewels of Isla Fontaine , inspired by the Sixties Paco Rabanne and André Courrèges and designed by a young designer who lives and works in Venice, minimal style , conceptual and visionary who plays with the full and empty solids experienced as a fantastic and hypnotic optical illusion to the twisted and fascinating primary geometries of Noritamy , with his new collection , ” Obi Musubi ” .

Impossible to confuse with the creations of other designers.

How wonderful luxury silverware exposed to Bicama Luxury Silverwear , so sumptuous , elegant and models of excellent taste. Who would not want to own them ? In Italy, the silverware is handed down for centuries from generation to generation and is part of the most beautiful family traditions of our country.

Remarkable and also ultra-feminine creations presented by Veronica Bettini , already well known for his great talent to great critical and press officers for his participation in the competition of Italian Vogue and AltaRoma ” Who is on next ? “, ” Mittelmoda -The fashion award ” all the opportunities that have allowed us to attract , deservedly the focus of great press. Equally fresh, original and entertaining the bag lanyards Rita by Ilaria Ricci, so soft , smooth and can completely revolutionize a look due to their design that does not go unnoticed , even striking , surprising and seductive shapes and bold colors and cutting edge .
Just like the bags of Liberty craftsman Alfio Ferrara Terroni which are an ode to the country and the freedom to be and to live. Impossible not being fascinated by the shapes, lines and colors and a design in the middle between the film and the fashion world and a symbol of the hippie values ​​of freedom, peace & love and pure craftsmanship that comes to life in purses absolutely unique and hand-made special . Great presence also of two brands coming both from Holland , Janissima , with its multiclor bag , a veritable explosion of energy and joie de vivre that seduces the eye and the heart and Quoins , with its interchangeable pendants really very original , as well as an extremely refined taste both in the shade than in the proposed design .

We close this long roundup of the designers featured in “Fashion Frame & Sounds” and , last but not least, the artist’s creations Vincenza Giannocaro that so much remembered for the triumph of magnificent colors of the rainbow stolen , the most beautiful paintings of Botticelli . Her jewelry unforgettable , so sumptuous , poetic , unique pieces made ​​with beautiful stones and a remarkable mastery of technique , they were pure art and a dream couture sublime able to make even the most basic look .

We are going to show you the full reportage of the night with exclusive interviews.

Stay tuned.


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