Being Bad never looked so good

For years Disney wanted to make a Maleficent movie after Gregory Maguire’s novel and the smash broadway hit “Wicked” it’s no wonder that MAC hopped on that bandwagon.
Disney’s most iconic vilain and the baddest girl who has the most amazing party crashing skills not only gets gorgeous Angelina Jolie to reinterpret the role in the big scren but also a makeup collection to call her own. This isn’t the first time Maleficent has makeup to bring out your inner witch, we still adore her “Briar Rose” from MAC’s 2010 “Venomous Villains” collection in which several Disney villains had a set of products ranging from face, lip, eyes and nails and she was definitely her our favourite character but now she owns the show and between Maleficent and bad girls Kelly and Sharon Osbourne that will feature their MAC collaboration this year we’ll definitely be saving our money for doubles of this collection, even if it’s mostly likely to repromote some of the items from a collection past.
Tried as we might we only have the sneak peak with the movie picture by MAC confirming this but rest assured that we’ll be back with all the 11 items featured in the collection for the original queen of mean.
How about you? Are you a sleeping beauty or a fabulous witch?

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