While the world prepares for the most expected event on the planet, the World Cup 2014 to be held in the country of football, the preparations begin to happen.

On December 6, 2013 the world stopped to watch the raffle that was accomplished to define the clashes between countries, but an event stole the show, the dress of presenter and Brazilian actress Fernanda Lima.

06-12-2013 - BA - Sorteio da Copa do Mundo

With a breathtaking neckline, the presentation of the raffle was forbidden in Iran because of the polemic dress.

With much class and elegance in response to occurred, Fernanda wore a beautiful dress made ​​especially for her by reputed couture designer, Samuel Cirnansck in the presentation of the football event “Golden Ball” held last January 13 in Zurich Switzerland.

Dress by Samuel Cirnansck 2

Made of silk muslin, Chantilly lace studded of Swarovski crystals and hand embroidered, the dress that looks more like a work of art snatched glances of admiration for the beloved actress who insisted on using a model of dress that respects all cultures of the world.

The player Cristiano Ronaldo won the most important award but who received the applauses was Fernanda Lima and her amazing dress!

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