MODALISBOA: 1st Day – The fashion designers (3)

At 10 p.m.


Filipe Faisca got his diploma of Fashion Designer from I.A.DE., Lisbon, at 1989. In 1991 he was chosen to the Official Selection for Mediterranean Europes Young Creative Biennale, in Valency. After that he made his first ModaLisboa, in Spring/Summer 91. He has been the Executive of Filipe Faisca s Fashion Design Atelier since 1992 till 2006 and he also has worked as an assistant at Ana Salazar s Fashion Design Atelier in 1993. Since 2006, he creates the windows displays of the store Fashion Clinic in Lisbon and Oporto; and the store Hermes, in Lisbon and Algarve. In 2007 win a Golden Globe, best fashion designer in Portugal. In November 2010 the opportunity arises to do the production/styling for the Jornal Publico, the supplement luxury magazine – Primus. In 2011 comes a partnership with the lingerie brand Triumph in their Winter 2011/2012 collections and spring / summer 2012, as the second gift of Christmas 2011 Triumph, O-shirt by Filipe Faisca. (Source:


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