The Story Behind Pharrell’s Grammy Hat&mdash and Where You Can Buy It

Did you think we were going to go an entire day and ignore the subject of Pharrell Williams’ hat last night at the Grammy Awards? No, no, no, dear readers: This is the stuff that we live for over here at Dressed. We even found where you can buy it!
In case you forgot: Here’s what we’re talking about.

OK, I know you didn’t forget, but I just had to! So here’s the thing: I’m ALL for taking a fashion risk. So when Pharrell hit the carpet wearing that Vivienne Westwood dimpled brown derby, I was like BAM! I know it’s kind of weird and unexpected— but to me, it’s jolie laide, which translates from French to “pretty-ugly” (yes, I’m going there). Good fashion, like good art, pushes your buttons. And my goodness, Internet, were your buttons pushed!

Arby’s sent out this hilarious tweet that went viral:

Then there was Queen Bey’s visible reaction to the headgear:

So here are the deets on the hat. It has serious fashion pedigree!
The hat is by Vivienne Westwood and was made especially for the designer’s boutique, originally dubbed Worlds End boutique (the shop was formerly known as [sic] Let It Rock, Sex, Seditionaries and Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die). It was famously established in 1971, by Westwood and Malcolm McClaren, manager of the Sex Pistols. The shop was a place that showcased the ideas and designs of the infamous punk group. In 1980 the name was changed to Worlds End.

The look of the store is “urban guerilla” as defined by Westwood. It’s an emporium for rebels— with clothes that sporting political slogans and clothing that makes a statement.

The hat, which is available for sale for £95 or $157.46, at current exchange rates, here.

The chapeau—which has various names including the Buffalo Hat, Jelly Mould Hat, and Mountain Hat—was first shown in Westwood’s Nostalgia of Mud Collection, also known as the Buffalo Collection in fall 1982.


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