Dorhout Mees S/S 2014

DORHOUT MEES is a fashion label for women, founded in 2010 by Dutch designer Esther Louise Dorhout Mees.


The fashion designer after her study in fashion design at the ArtEZ institute of the arts, and many years of working for Tommy Hilfiger and Bruuns Bazaar, she starts her own label.


We read on her website: “My Inspiration for this collection is a poetry album, from the 1800’s,
Which I inherited from my great grandmother recently. It is nothing like we know today. It is full of sincere time, effort, love, poetry and handcrafted landscapes, drawings, silver, gold and broidery. It struck something in me because of the contrast it formed with the time we live in today. We have no time for anybody, real contacts are rare and so is art. Creativity is starting to become a rare commodity, and it’s not for everybody to enjoy anymore. I loved the idea of a long forgotten time in which these trades where precious commodities hold in high respect.”


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