Some people find that reading fashion comes down the hyped and hottest magazines with pictures full of concept, but to understand the universe that currently drives the world economy There are professionals who strive to sell precious information that really worth gold. This is the case of Brazilian writer Silvana Holzmeister.

The curiosity to unravel the weirdness that inhabits the world of fashion, whether in surreal parades or in bizarre photo shoot, made Silvana wrote her first book called “O estranho na Moda” (The Strange into the Fashion).

O estranho na Moda 8Focused on the 90’s the book cast a look on the fashion pictures most disturbing and transgressive that changed the concept of beauty, calling attention to what is different and also for imperfections.

Some important topics like “Heroin Chic” symbolized by Kate Moss, death and dolls that show the fashion going against self, transforming their models in “Cyborg” are some of the points made in the book by Silvana.

O estranho na Moda (The stranger into the Fashion) really is a reading for who like fashion history and is interested in following some of the steps taken by the fashion world, seen from a more thorough and professional look.

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