The digital version of the Oxford Dictionary has a new word. The word of the new age and also considered the word of the year 2013, “selfie” which is the abbreviation of the words “Self portrait” was the word most used to define the new craze that has invaded the social networks last year.

The new fashion conquered anonymous, celebrities, heads of state, coming to conquer even the pope Francisco.

Pope Francisco

When the mobile companies decided to include in their modern appliances photographic cameras, had no idea that the explosion was to happen, and now runs the world thanks to smartphones and social networks.


The self portrait is much older than we think, began around the XV century but it certainly was not as popular as it is nowadays and neither had the tools we have today.

The “Selfie” maniacs can rest easy because according to experts, although this new craze is related to Narcissism is nothing serious and is not considered a negative craze if they are posted beautiful photos to see.

Meryl Streep

Now only remains to wait for the novelties that “Selfies” around the world will bring us to the year 2014 so that they may deserve all our “Likes”.


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