Found: Multi-Finger Rings So Comfortable, You’ll Never Want/Need To Take Them Off


Pade Vavra is pretty much the coolest person I’ve ever met. With platinum blond hair and a rockabilly, cum bohemian, cum super-glam California style, the Los Angeles-based jewelry designer has always been pushing boundaries—from setting rose-cut diamonds into found shark’s teeth to create a pendant, to fashioning brass belt buckles resembling deer antlers. I mean, cool (see above). So when Pade discovered she couldn’t quite find a ring set comfortable enough to play music while wearing, she figured she wasn’t alone. So she made them.


“I wanted to be a musician, but for the last 19 years, jewelry [has become] my music,” says Pade. “Like the bass of a drum or strum of a guitar [jewelry] strikes an emotional chord in me.”

Pade’s new guitar ring collection comes in three colors: gunmetal, gold and rose gold and are bendable enough—akin to an actual guitar string—that you can move your hands and fingers freely and not need to take your rings off while doing whatever it is that you’re doing. While I don’t play guitar, I do type a whole lot, and they’re the only multi-finger or midi rings that I’ve found that don’t fall off while I’m blogging, emailing and yes, Instagram-scouring. Also, I wear them while working out and they don’t bother me (I usually take all of my jewelry off before working out).


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