Stella McCartney launched a kid’s collection


Remember back in 2010, when Stella McCartney launched a kid’s collection for the Gap and every grown-up in the world was like: “Pleeeease can you make these clothes in slightly bigger sizes?” I remember.

I have a petite friend who is sort of an expert at shopping in the children’s department—she always looks amazing, and if you ask her where she picked up this sweater or that dress, the answer will usually be: “This is part of the DVF for Gap Kids collection” or “I got this at Crew Cuts!” (J.Crew’s kid’s label).

Have you ever shopped in the children’s department for style or to save money? I suppose it only works if you’re petite—or fit into the larger children’s sizes.

Turns out, though, that shopping in the tykes’ section isn’t something just women do. Guys do it too! And it seems to be easier for men, since boys’ clothes run in larger sizes and the styles aren’t all that different from grown-ups’. One Esquire writer confesses:

At 34 years old, I still shop, for myself, in the children’s section at department stores. Namely, a significant number of the several dozen Ralph Lauren items I own are labeled XL: as in boys extra-large.

Go ahead. Poke fun. But they cost roughly half the price of adult sizes and are of virtually indistinguishable quality.

The first thing you should know is that I’m not petite. At 5’10”, and with a face full of scruff, I haven’t been mistaken for a teenager since I stopped being one 15 years ago. Furthermore, my weight hovers around the 200-pound mark, yet I manage to fit comfortably in Ralph Lauren youth tops, from simple polos to bright rugby shirts.

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