SOB! Shaping Outside the Box

SOB! – Shaping Outside the Box” is a brand dedicated to the conceiving, the realization and the trading of Fashion and Furnishing Accessories of artisan design.



spazioFARE snc, a company of services based in Rome, operates in the Italian territory in Exhibit, Interior and Retail Design, mainly focusing on the analysis, the optimization and the realization of projects.
spazioFARE is the result of the partnership between specialized firms of the sector, a team of professionals with different know-how capable to offer 360° services, from the design (qualified architects) to the production (valued firms specialized in plastic/acrylic, metals, lightning, carpentry, digital printing), from the packaging to the stocking, from the distribution to the assembly.


The product that spazioFARE intends to propose through SOB! is a series of refined modern objects that answer the purpose through their simplicity. The laboratory of Artisan Design that aims to design, produce and trade Fashion and Furnishing Accessories made of plexiglass (acrylic).


spazioFARE has involved as partners in the project several artisan firms which will participate in the production of the product in front of profits subsequent to the sales.
The aim is to offer high-quality artisan products to a specific clientele, at a price in line with the market, with an initial investment close to zero.


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More info: spazioFARE snc
via giovanni capellini 9
00158 roma
06 83903525


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