On April 26, 1977 stepped in the biggest nightclub of all time, the legendary “Studio 54”.

Located on the famous West 54th Street in Manhattan (NY), was the disco’s celebrities of that time. Lisa Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Jones, Farrah Fawcett, Gina Lollobrigida, Gloria Swanson e Brooke Shields shared space with Jackie Kennedy, Diana Vreeland, Truman Capote, Rod Stewart, Dolly Parton, Andy Warholl, Jerry Hall, Halstron, Lauren Hutton, Calvin Klein, Paloma Picasso, Yves Saint Laurent, Gia Carangi, René Russo and Bianca Jagger.

Although it has a history of sex, drugs and disco music, the beloved “Studio 54” dictated fashion, concept and created a new lifestyle where famous people displayed their eccentricities, it could be seen in unbelievable parties that happened there, as the birthday of designer Valentino where was installed a circus arena with sand and mermaids on trapezes dressed in costume designs of Fellini, or the iconic birthday party for Bianca Jagger where a man painted of silver glitter rode a pony along with Bianca as a “Lady Godiva”.

Unfortunately due to decay because of excess of drug and tax evasion, in March 1986 the famous Studio 54 closed its doors, never to reopen, but one fact was recorded in the history of the club, on the day of its inauguration Frank Sinatra and Warren Beatty were left out because the house was crowded.

Nowadays a nightclub worth its salt certainly has to have a slight inspiration in the eternal “Studio 54”.

For lovers of stories that were marked in the genealogy of the fashion is worth checking out the 1998 film directed by “Mark Christopher”, which tells the history of the club.


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