Update Your Spring-Summer Bracelet Stack With These Fresh Styling Options

From the bracelet obsessed to the bare wristed among you, I challenge you to pile it on this spring. So I bring you some inspiration to update your collection of bracelets this spring and summer.

Why not add and subtract pieces at your leisure; from the tightly tied fabric to the chunky metals? Add a pop of color, or keep it all metallic. Truly wear your heart on your wrist this summer—pick up bracelets in your travels and your collection will tell quite a story.

Mix metals. Throw that old fashion rule out the window and pair gold with silver, platinum with bronze. Try to find bracelets that have mixed metals already to add a little more detail.

Wrap them up. Grab a bracelet or two that wraps around your wrist a few times. It adds a little bulk as you’re starting your collection, and doesn’t get lost among the others as your stack starts to grow.

Channel your inner camper. Especially among a chunky watch or larger metal pieces, add a little color and texture with string and rope bracelets. Designers have had a lot of fun with the trend, so you can find some pretty awesome mixed-media bracelets as well.

Keep it monotone but play with proportions. If you’re going to pile on pieces that all belong to the same color-family, mix it up a bit. Match a chunky chain with a wrap bracelet and thin bangle. Maybe even throw in something with a charm or some grommets!

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