Not Into Mules? Try This Shoe Style Instead


A few months ago, Nikki and I were riding the subway when she lowered her voice and asked: “Do you think you’ll wear mules this season?”

My answer was “Yeah, probably.” I am a big fan of ugly shoes, after all. I have been ever since the age of six when my aunt pointed out how hideous my beloved brown Mary Janes were. Ha! Yes! I remember thinking proudly. They really are.

But what if, unlike me, you don’t get a strange sense of satisfaction out of wearing questionable shoes? Should you forgo this spring’s ugly shoe movement entirely?

Nope. No way. Why? Because ugly shoes add a dose of irreverence to your outfit. They say you don’t take yourself too seriously, you’re not prissy, and you’re confident.

Plus, they look great with this season’s roomier batch of jeans, and they make your ankles look as delicate as a baby’s pinky.

To ease into the Ugly Shoe idea, why not try a pair of these cool bootie-slingback hybrids first? They have a similar vibe but are somehow less scary. Think of those back-heel straps like a pair of training wheels. I have a pair similar to the ones pictured above, and whenever I wear them, they get rave reviews.

You’ll be wearing mules in no time. And then, before you know it: Adidas shower shoes.

Just kidding.

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