Amsterdam Fashion Tv met the fashion designer Cristina Real

We discovered Cristina Real during the last Lisbon Fashion Week. She partecipated to Young Blood platform presentation under which graduate students of the Fashion Design schools, or designers which have been in business less than two years, have an opportunity to present their creations. The collection “Interruption” results from “a stop, a moment in which we start to reflect about who we are, what we want, what we want to do and what our reference is”.


Amsterdam Fashion Tv: When did you decide you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Cristina Real: The interest on fashion has been present since I was a little child. Everything started when I had to choose a future career and so I thought that being a fashion designer would permit me to do the things that I love and in this case I had the possibility of joining the Art in all levels.


AFtv: Tell me about your process of sketching a design.

C: In my point of view the concept is very important, it has to be taken to exhaustion, because it is through a good working basis that the things are able to flow. I try to study other cultures, sounds, habits, memories because I have a deep admiration for other people all over the world. I enjoy crossing various ideas between myself and the concept I choose. They have to be related to each other to make sense. After choosing the concept I print the pictures which are related to it and then I develop the work in itself. My work involves the material search, illustrations, the preparation of the folder of the collection with technical files to support the making and modeling.


AFtv: Can you describe your collection in five words?

C: The best words to define my collection are: Feminine, Simplicity, Detail, Geometric and Interruption.


AFtv: What items from your collection will you be wearing yourself?

C: I think I would dress everything I do because the clothes I create are part of me so I identify myself with my work. I have my preferences but I like the clothes in general.


Photographer: Diogo Ferreira
Models: Alicia Bublitz (Just) / Rita Pinheiro (Acting Models)  
Fashion Designer: Cristina Real
Make Up: Felipe Moreira / Mafalda Belo
Retouch: We-Retouch // Isa Silva


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