Married People Trying Out New Titles

Married people are in a rumored pickle about what to call the people they marry. And you thought that a side benefit of marriage was never having to have a DTR-talk again? Not at all. Jen Doll writes that certain married couples don’t dig the centuries-old sexism that comes along with the terms husband and wife. While long-term unmarried couples used to be the only group to have title-selection adventures, now every couple can join.

Doll mentions other options from the conventional (partner, companion, consort, significant other, spouse) to the hilariously archaic (fere, leman, yokefellow, half-marrow, paragon, helpmeet). Life partner is reportedly on the rise as the trendiest title choice of the moment.

But limit yourselves not to any words you’ve seen here or even ever before. Create your own wonderful title, as unique as your special marriage. You know my dude-about-the-domicile, right? Oh, have you met person with whom I share most evening-time meals? Oh, I have to introduce you to the flyest person I know who also happens to be the person I married. Aren’t we lucky! You are lucky, each and every one of you.

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