With a visionary and exclusive Brazilian touch, the brand of shoes “Louloux” won a spotlight place in the Brazilian fashion market. With an extremely inspiring story, Cristiano Bronzatto is the soul mind behind the most desired brand of footwear in all national territory and in a matter of time in the worldwide scene. With only $ 1.500 brazilian real (approximately EUR 450) Bronzzatto in 2005 transformed his dream of creating shoes in reality. After a crisis that made him almost close the doors of his company, he restarted from zero, and since then never stopped anymore. The Louloux now works with leather leftovers, discarded by the large handbag and footwear companies, and for this reason the collections are unique, timeless and super conceptual. Bronzatto doesn’t qualify himself as a great designer, but as an artisan shoemaker who creates according to what comes in his head. He is not stuck to research of trends or for what the worldwide fashion circuit elects as “Hit of the season”, Louloux already has a striking visual identity and this is the great advantage of the brand, making it easily recognizable for its collectible and luscious pieces. Today besides the virtual store Louloux has three stores in southern Brazil and recently also opened in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. For stylish women who enjoy the wrong but in a good way side of fashion, it’s worth investing in a work of art form of shoes by Louloux.

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