The 7 Most Iconic Striped Shirt Looks of All Time (Proof That Everyone’s Favorite Summer Trend Is Always In Style)

“The striped shirt is the paperclip of personal style. It’s coveted and collected thanks to its simplicity and timeless appeal,” says designer Julia Leach. And she would know. The wardrobe staple—which was first made popular when it was adopted by the French Navy way back in 1858—makes up the lion’s share of her summer-perfect clothing line, Chance.


In honor of the classic topper, here’s a look back at 7 of its most iconic fashion moments ever:

1. James Dean
James Dean made a whole host of clothing items popular in the ’50s—everything from jeans to moto jackets to sneakers to (of course) striped shirts.

2. Jacqueline Onassis

3. Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot’s getup in Contempt will make you want to wear a wide headband stat.

4. Audrey Hepburn

5. Kurt Cobain
Leave it to Cobain to make a preppy classic suddenly edgy.

6. Jean Seberg
Seberg’s jeans and striped shirt uniform (not to mention her pixie cut!) in Breathless would look just as chic in Williamsburg now as it did in Paris in the ’60s.

7. Cary Grant
Grant’s wardrobe in To Catch a Thief is my clothing inspiration pretty much always.

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