Claudia Hamers – Luxury Jewels at Fashion Frames During Pitti 86

Claudia Hamers was born and raised in the Netherlands. After studying at the faculty of Industrial Design of Delft, she moved in Milan. She brought with her curiosity and zest for discovery in these qualities are added for training but also for a healthy dose of pragmatism character. These are all elements that move in his design projects. For fifteen years he has made the designer proposing innovative ideas to international leaders (such as Breil, Folli Follie, Dupont, Heineken, Rubbermaid, Cassina, Matteograssi, McLaren, Hema) and was the art director for Cusi Montenapoleone and Via Portofino.

The rings of Claudia Hamers, “the lady of the ring”, are precious objects produced in limited edition. Arise from a search for color and finish that distinguishes them. And from the traditional culture of the jewelry. The ‘combination of 6 different metals’ in a ring, the ’embedding built-in stone’ or ‘stones that move with light colors, transparent and bright’ are examples of innovation. A collection that is complex to implement and therefore has a special charm.

The rings of Claudia Hamers have a symbolic and a magic touch. Express the personality and style of the wearer, more than any other gem. They are objects of desire, which attract and arouse emotion. Claudia Hamers has transferred the “classic” approach that combines the structural design rigor invention, in accordance with the canons of the Italian goldsmith tradition.

The high-tech design approach that starts from processing of the 3D model, the realization of the ‘Rapid Prototyping’ resin which is followed by the fusion process are combined with an injection of passion: the choice of the rare stone (diamond brown, opal fire, dark amethyst, Oxidiana black, blue iolite, fosfosederite purple) is identified based on its specificity as to enter into dialogue with the material of the structure, whether it be gold – white, yellow or pink – that titanium or stainless . The result are 15 rings, limited edition. The bond, but also symbolic design, including stone, stone structure and finds its highest expression.

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