Vogue has created a Pudsey bear

(Photo: Vogue)

Vogue has created a Pudsey bear to raise money for Children In Need.

“When British Vogue was asked to design a Pudsey for a special auction as part of Children In Need, our initial reaction was – yes, fantastic – closely followed by: ‘We know absolutely nothing about making teddy bears,” said Vogue fashion editor Francesca Burns. “We had just put on our first Vogue Festival, which featured an entrance hall decorated with the numerous zeitgeisty covers Vogue has produced over the decades. Looking at the wall of Vogue logos emblazoning our starriest covers, you couldn’t help but fall into the stories that they told. This felt like a good starting point; we would create a patchwork Pudsey made up of our most memorable covers from past and present.”

“We are very proud to present our completed British Vogue Pudsey to auction for Children in Need,” concluded Burns. “He is both a tribute to the legacy of iconic cover images created by legendary photographers and editors over the past 96 years, and to the talent, dedication and generosity of our friends.”

(Source: Vogue)

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